Artist of the Month
November 2019
David Holliday

David has been a professional artist for over 20years, based in Northumberland. Surrounded by urban landscape and local wildlife David is not short of inspiration. Over the years David has worked on developing a collection of twilight cityscapes that not only feature the landmarks of Newcastle but also features the landmarks of Edinburgh, this collection has become the most recognisable of David’s work. In conjunction with this collection David has also created a collection of paintings the show the beauty of Northumberland stretching from the Roman Wall through to Craster and many places in between.

When starting a new painting David visits the location several times taking photographs and getting a feel for the area, this way when he begins to sketch, he has images and an understanding of what he is painting that keeps a sense of honesty to his work. After sketching several small works David will then begin to produce a larger original painting with his distinct bold style, applying crisp line work and vivid colours, David’s intricate brush strokes give a jewel-like quality to his work.

David’s work is available here in the gallery throughout the year. Both his Limited-Edition Prints and Original artwork is available to purchase using the Own art Scheme. We also have a large selection of greetings card’s available by David that as yet are not online (watch this space though). Throughout November Our window display is filled with a wide range of work by David and is well worth a visit in to Newcastle to see!