Ben Wayman

//Ben Wayman

Ben Wayman

Ben Wayman is an artist working mainly in oils, and digital photography to commission. His paintings are themed around our natural surroundings with emphasis placed on the character of the paint itself. Born in Sunderland, Ben currently lives in Newcastle. Having gained his degree in Fine Art working primarily with the human form, Ben has since expanded his oeuvre to include paintings of nature, taking inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside of Northumberland.

“When in nature, nothing else matters, and everything makes sense, something dismissed and forgotten greatly in today’s society. People see beauty in material things, yet are blind to the true beauty that is all around us. When I am in nature, things look more beautiful, the air seems cleaner, I find an inner calm and a place to escape, this is evident within my artwork, I try to capture the beauty and the complexity, often with no particular subject, just the essence of what has touched me, my use of oils provides textures, of which nature is full.”


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