Gary Smith

Gary was born in Durham and grew up in a mainly mining area. He left school and studied graphic design and worked as a designer, though his main interest was for fine art.

Gary had become interested in art as a young lad through his grandfather, a miner and a talented artist. Gary’s themes are strongly influenced by nostalgia. His work is based around childhood memories, the games we all played and the stories we were told. There were no computers and no mobile phones, we kept ourselves busy by looking for adventures, and on every journey, we ventured further and further from home.

Gary mainly paints in Oils using varying tones and shades of grey to convey a sense of times past and pleasant memories from when he was a young boy, but he does work in a range of other mediums including Acrylics and Pastels.

‘Art is a lifelong dream that I am constantly working on. I still aspire to do better after each piece is finished’