Viv Aves works mainly in acrylics on canvas, favouring vibrant colours and bold lines. Her paintings often feature cats or other animals in humorous or unlikely situations, and invite viewers to create their own narrative. Having grown up on a farm and trained as a biologist, Viv has worked both in research and as a teacher. She has now returned to her first passion, art, where her love of animals finds a natural outlet. She is influenced by natural history, iconic design and an ‘off the wall’ sense of humour. ‘I aim to create art which is upbeat and quirky, and which brings out the innate character of its subjects. I believe in the restorative qualities of art and I seek to illustrate, through the experiences of my paintings’ protagonists, the wonders and occasional absurdities of life. I want my work to make people smile.’All originals are hand painted with acrylics on linen box canvas and signed, and some are also available as limited edition signed prints.