Duergar Delusion 
The Simonside Dwarfs, also known as Brownies, Bogles and Duergar, are a race of ugly dwarfs, particularly associated with the Simonside Hills of Northumberland.
Apparently they like to lure folk into danger. I read that, one evening a man trekking across Simonside became very cold and in need to regain body heat by some sort of shelter.
After some time, he spotted an old derelict log cabin on the top of the cragg. Inside was the welcoming glow of a fire. He sat opposite and noticed from the spot he had chosen to sit at, was gazing into the eyes of one of those Duergars whilst warming by the fire. The man fell into a sleep state to later awake and realised that all of a sudden the fire and the log cabin was gone and if he’d
chosen to sit an inch further to one side, then he for sure would have fallen down onto the rocks below to his fate.


Original Oil on Block Canvas

36″ x 24″ x 1.5″