Leaf Form 

Original Cold Cast Glass
Free Standing Glass with Slate Base
Suitable for Outdoor display


This piece is made like all of Crispin’s work by firstly producing a clay model. Plaster and flint mix is then poured over the model until completely covered and left to set. once set the model is carefully dug out of the mould, the mould is then cleans and left to dry.

Once dry the mould is loaded with glass and placed in the kiln at 850 degrees Celsius. Five days later the glass has melted into the mould and has been annealed. the plaster is then broken away from the glass before grinding and polishing for the end result

This Piece qualifies for The OwnArt Scheme. The Scheme allows you to borrow between £100 to £2,500 interest free over 10 months, it is designed to make owning original artwork affordable for all.

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