Original Limited Edition Cast Plaster

Tile Size 12cm x 12cm x 1.5cm

Sculptural Cast Wall Plaques
The tiles are made by pressing plants, flowers & objects into clay. They are then removed & plaster is poured over to create the cast. The process picks   up an incredible amount of detail to create a beautiful raised impression. A small hole is drilled into the back to allow the tile to be hung on a wall, or it can simply be propped up on a shelf. The tiles are signed on the back and numbered, they are all limited editions

Wood Mounted Plaques 
They are mounted onto a piece of hardwood, these are available  in Ash, dark stained Ash or Oak. There is a keyhole bracket on  the back for hanging on a wall.

Framed Cast Plaques
The tiles are cast thinner to reduce the weight. The frames come in solid Oak, Dark Oak, Oak effect, Black & White. The price can vary a lot depending on the frame. Each tile design can be mounted in any of the frames. 

Please e-mail us at info@northeastartcollective if you would like to enquire about ordering alternative backings or frames for any of our cast plaster range