This is a 1952 BR (NER) Poster of Low Petergate looking towards the Minster It is not difficult to see why the old streets make ideal subjects for great paintings . Once again , there is some degree of “artistic licence “ here , as it must be many years since a tree grew at that location, but the use of  light and shade on the buildings is absolutely superb

Artwork by  Claude Buckle

Code number  61155

The outside dimension of these posters is 70 cm x 50 cm
(27.6 inches x 19.7 inches )
These posters are printed under a licence to The Newcastle Poster Company, from the National Railway Museum and Science and Society Picture Library who own the copyright on all the images. Further reproduction of these images is strictly forbidden under copyright law.
There are many other people selling copies of these images on e bay however, as the licencing is very strictly controlled , and only one licence granted per image for each size , we suspect that most sellers must be breaking copyright law.
By way of a royalty payment , the Newcastle Poster Company makes a contribution to supporting the work and collections of the National Railway Museum in York and the SSPL in London so by purchasing from us , you are contributing to their work and collections . This may not be the case with other image providers on e bay .
The reproductions of the original posters have been cleaned digitally to remove creases, rips , spots , water marks and damaged areas, and the colours have been restored as closely as possible to what we believe to have been the artists original intentions.
The Posters are either litho printed or produced on photographic quality proofing presses . The Multi directional print heads on these, ensures continuous tone and colour, whilst eliminating any banding or unwanted tone which is common when inkjet or laser printing is employed. This system produces prints which are faithful reproductions at virtual litho quality .
They are produced on high quality 200 g.s.m. lumi-silk paper, and are printed to a total outside dimension size of 50 cm x 70 cm which are designed to fit a standard European manufactured frame available from many retailers including IKEA and B+Q .This considerably reduces the cost should you wish to frame the prints .
The photographs of the original posters taken by the National Railway Museum , were undertaken over a number of years during which time , cameras improved in their resolution .

This is an Online Exclusive and is not available for instore collection