Alan Mould

Art and nature are my two great interests in life, so living on the slopes of a beautiful river valley amid a wealth of wildlife, I am never short of inspiration for painting and drawing.

As an artist I am primarily a watercolourist, preferring to use vibrant colours and simplified forms to produce works in a more contemporary style, but I also have a BA hons in Illustration and Design (Sunderland University 2004), which helped me embrace modern technology in combining photographs, watercolours and digital painting to produce stylish computer-generated images; leading to large scale commissions from Gateshead Council, the RSPB and Tesco for the local re-introduction of the spectacular bird of prey, the Red Kite.

My work often shows a sense of humour, typified in a four-year run of cartoons in the prestigious BBC Wildlife magazine, and probably led to the development of the caricature birds I create now, as I aim to give the creatures I love observing a character of their own, while keeping the elements of plumage, colour and form which makes them instantly recognisable.