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Christine, is a contemporary abstract artist from Newcastle. She was one of the first artists to exhibit her work here at North East Collectives and is very proud to hold the position of artist of the month July 2018.

Christine’s love for art began to flourish when she was a child; as she was able to express her inner creativity through art with the encouragement of her family, including her late Uncle John, an artist who inspired Christine to think independently and led her to excel in her own talents.

Her first exhibition was at a museum in Ocean road, South Shields. The feedback Christine received from the art critics was exemplary and filled her with confidence in pursuing a career. This inspired Christine to study art at college in where she specialised in acrylics. Following a short break from art, Christine has since exhibited her work on many different occasions over the last fifteen years.

‘I believe the most essential tool for me is my passion and imagination, this mixed with my emotions allows my creations to have no limits. This combination enables me to create unique commissions ready to complement contemporary rooms and spaces. I am inspired by my surroundings and I relay to a canvas in a free-spirited way, the paint brush almost dances on my canvas to a rhythm. My most recent inspiration has been my travels across the past year, including places such as New York, France and Portugal. The pieces I have created centre on voice, shadow, light and dark.’

Christine provides artwork to prestigious homes, hotels and apartments, working with the client to create a feel for the type of art work they require and create an environment that best suits the surroundings for total engagement and satisfaction. Christine has created her own style and has cultivated an eye for what works!

Christine’s studio in which her imagination comes to life faces her beautiful garden, this gives Christine the solitude she needs to really feel her surroundings and take in life around her. This enables Christine  to reach her main goal when creating artwork, this is for the client to feel how she felt when creating the pieces.