David Holliday

David Holliday has been working as a professional artist for just over 20 years. He is best known for his twilight cityscapes, rugged landscapes and more illustrative images of wildlife.Using his preferred medium of watercolour, David has a distinct, bold style.With the use of intricate line work and fresh, rich colours, he manages to capture a jewel-like quality to his paintings.David has a BA hons in design and illustration. This can be seen in his well-balanced compositions and meticulous detail.

Before starting a new painting David visits the place or subject matter that interests him. This can vary greatly from an old industrial site to a city centre, or perhaps a trip to the Farne Islands to study the wildlife. While on location David takes his time to absorb the atmosphere of the place. Did it feel lonely, exciting, brooding or tranquil? Once the mood has been established, David paints several small studies hoping to find the right colour combination to reflect this.