Denise Humphrey

Denise was born in Gateshead in 1981, she studied Graphic Design and Printing along with Computer Aided Art and Design and graduated in 2002.
Her digital work is inspired by Japanese art, both modern and traditional, along with Japanese horror and zombie movies. Denis’s creations are heavily influenced by manga and especially by some of the artists of the Superflat movement. This can be seen in some of the more surreal images. She is also intrigued by the wood block artists of 17th century Japan and pictures of the floating world (ukiyo-e ).

‘I adore the evanescent, impermanent, fleeting beauty and simplicity of this style. I try to recreate the intensity and colours used of these pictures in my own artwork, using the medium of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with the help of Bezier curves to create my characters. The wonderful thing about using this method is that my artwork can be transferred to anything which has a printable surface’