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Gary Spiers

Gary grew up in a family of 5 brothers in Spennymoor. Four of them seemed to be natural artists. In school, he had always been ok at art, particularly drawing, but he never pursued it. Gary left school at 16 to take up an apprenticeship as a diesel fitter. However, after 13 years, he decided to return to education and undertook a degree in Zoology at the University of Newcastle following a lifelong fascination with natural history.

After graduating in 1997, Gary found himself without a job. A friend of his presented him with a handful of clay and told him to “see what you can make”. Gary found that he had a bit of a talent for sculpting. From this tentative beginning, his sculpting has come on in leaps and bounds and has taken him down many roads. Gary has found, when talking to people that have come from a traditional art route, that he doesn’t know so much about technique and materials but seems to get by OK and has developed his own techniques which seem to work well.

‘My two favourite sculpting tools are a desert spoon and a tea spoon from the crockery draw in the kitchen. I have led the sculpting on many major projects utilising a wide range of materials including: wax, sculpey, polystyrene, clay and fibreglass. Many of my works are still or have been major attractions in many of the major shopping malls of the UK.’