Kit Saddington

Living in Northumberland, Kit is a full-time primary school teacher with a passion for photography. Having lived here for most of his adult life, he’s ashamed to admit that it wasn’t until he bought his first digital SLR camera several years ago that Kit really began to explore the region properly. He now finds that his photography takes him to some of the most spectacularly beautiful places here in the North. Kit tries to capture scenes in a more unusual light, and he quite often find himself witnessing nature’s own fireworks at dawn or sunset. As a result, post-processing of his images is minimal – the images you see represent what Kit experiences, and he hopes that they convey some of the emotions he feel as the light develops in front of him.

‘To me, photography is all about light and how it defines the world around us at any particular moment in time. I’m fascinated by how a scene can be changed so dramatically by the play of light caused by a break in the clouds, or the reflection of water and particularly the rising and setting of the Sun. An interesting light can make the familiar unfamiliar, the commonplace unique and the mundane truly spectacular.’