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Rasa Zilinskaite

Rasa was born and educated in Lithuania, she graduated from Vilnius Art Academy with a Masters degree in Art and Design. Nearly 20 years ago Rasa married a Geordie named Nick and has been living in Newcastle ever since. They have two lovely children.

The North East is home to Rasa now, and she absolutely loves the area, with its friendly people and its fascinating industrial heritage. The subject matter of her paintings vary greatly. The natural world and the city is a constant source of wonder, inspiration and delight. Fast, energetic, urgent brush strokes enable Rasa to capture mood of a fleeing moment.

‘I paint with acrylic inks on canvas. I use ink and pastel to draw beautiful nudes from live models. I mostly draw female figures on white and coloured backgrounds: immediately seductive, delicate, and created by very few, precise and light brushstrokes.’