William Hindmarsh

Bill Hindmarsh was born, studied and worked in the North East starting work in the Ashington colliery group in 1957. He is completely self taught and is continually seeking improvement and exploring new techniques and can paint in several mediums . He is one of the few remaining mining artists who actually worked, saw old mining methods, and also was present when mechanization was introduced in the mines.

Although I paint landscapes, figurative work inspires me more.
This display of watercolours and charcoal sketches try to capture the mining environment on a human scale hopefully reflecting comradeship, the partnership with animals and occasional isolation of the task. Watercolours are not usually used to depict mining and mining life but I find that as a free flowing medium, it creates a magic of communication that differs from other mediums. I do not allow prints of my watercolours and therefore each work is unique and will evoke a different response from the viewer depending on the paper used, colours and the natural flow of the medium.