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Crispian Heath

Crispian Heath has been working with glass for 27 years. After learning the techniques of stained glass, Crispian established his own business in Devon designing and making panels for private residences and businesses. Crispian’s desire to further explore the possibilities of glass prompted him to enrol in a degree course at Plymouth College of Art and Design. This led him to explore other methods of working with glass, primarily kiln casting. He relocated to the Northeast and achieved an M.A in Glass at Sunderland University. Crispian’s practice continues to grow.

‘My work is inspired by landscape. I love exploring the rugged cliffs and other geological sites of Britain. It is there I am able to connect with the play of light on the natural world.’

Each cast glass piece is a result of observation, drawing, clay modelling and mould making. This, in turn, is placed in the kiln where the process of heat, glass and time works its magic. Many more hours are spent grinding and polishing.