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Milly Dyer is an artist living in Newcastle. Her contemporary style of artwork involves the use of oils, acrylics and ink pen. Her platform is either block canvas or canvas board using either fine oil brushes or palette knives. Milly is able to transform a blank canvas, huge or small into a landscape, village or town which is full of colour and depth. Milly has been approached by interior design magazines; she has a piece of work for every home or office space, from the most traditional to the most contemporary and minimalist. She has achieved a presence in both the UK and international market. Her love of colour and the therapy it provides shines though her work. The occasional subtle use of iridescent gold, bronze and metallic paints serve to reflect and catch the light.
Some of her paintings represent a specific place in time. Some pieces allow the viewer to take themselves to wherever they would like to be. Milly’s travels, love and respect for the great outdoors, along with an environmental conscience influence her work. Find your own space in her artwork and you will be exactly where you need to be.