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Rosanna Henderson

Rosanna is a mosaic artist making vibrant, contemporary mosaic art for indoor and outside space. Rosanna makes mosaics because of her love for the creative process and takes pride in the finished result. She was introduced to mosaic-making in 2007 and was immediately hooked.

‘I love colour and nature and I spend a lot of time outdoors which provides me with my main inspiration.’

Rosanna uses traditional glass and ceramic tiles (known as tesserae), smalti and stone. She often incorporates stained glass, pebbles, jewellery and other mixed media items. These give another dimension to her mosaics adding more interest, texture and depth.

As a professional member of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic) Rosanna takes delight in reinterpreting this ancient art form to make it relevant to today’s audience. Mosaic art is her passion and her aim is to open people’s minds to the variety and varied forms a mosaic may take.


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