Tree of Life 

Hand Embellished Print on Canvas

canvas Size 36″ x 18″

Naomi Walker works with energies to channel images and messages from the astral plane. The image is reproduced as a Giclee onto box canvas and hand-finished using paints, pens and metallics. The canvasses are also varnished. The image is then charged to resonate with the original channelled energy before being signed by the artist.

Naomi began working this way in 2009 when she noticed her landscape paintings were beginning to show energy manifestations. She developed the use of meditation whilst painting to connect with the energies she felt were trying to been seen and heard. Her paintings and energy prints are now used around the world in healing, meditation and spiritual journeying work.

Tree of Life


The Tree of Life is a spiritscape – the artist’s vision of our planet seen as its astral plane equivalent.

Artist’s Channelling Impressions:

Life is cyclic and eternal. What has been sentient cannot return to the void. In order for life to continue, there must be death. We have all died a thousand times to be reborn. Energy never disappears, it simply reforms. You are born from Source and return to Source to live again.

Energy Frequencies and Uses:

For comfort after bereavement

For those seeking peace-of-mind about the continuity of existence

For spiritual journeying/astral travel