Storytelling arts project for Meadow Well Connected

At Meadow Well Connected we are celebrating our 25th year at the centre of our community in North Shields.

Our focus for the year is on telling stories and, like centre users, volunteers and staff past and present; we all have a different story. These stories will be collected and represented in pieces of community art, developed by groups from our community and facilitated by local artists like you.

We will use the idea of storytelling as a route to engaging local people to share their experiences of living in the area alongside recollections of Meadow Well Connected, with the support of the North East Art Collective.

How are we going to collect stories?

The project will involve asking people to tell and share their stories, which will be coordinated by the Meadow Well Connected community team. We will be capturing stories from people of all ages, working in partnership with schools and other voluntary sector groups. For the first round of stories we will be focusing on young people at our kids club and the older generation.

The idea we have had is for people to write their stories down and insert them into plastic bottles and for those bottles to be made into art installations to display in our community gardens.

We will start work on the arts project (which needs a name) in February/March and we will reveal the first two installations at our large community event at Meadow Well Connected on 4th July, marking our 25th Anniversary. The secondary stage will start at the large community event, where we will work with the community to collect more stories to build further installations.

People of all ages living in and around our centre will benefit. We plan to welcome around 500 local people to the summer launch event.

The project will take place in our centre on Waterville Road, North Shields and in outreach sessions at local schools, shopping centres and other significant local sites, e.g. churches, care homes, other voluntary centre organisations.

The project will provide a legacy of positive stories, challenging the negative stereotypes which are often applied to our local community; it will also provide a range of engaging activities during school holidays around the theme of story-telling.


We’re hoping the project will receive PR coverage which will help us raise awareness and change perceptions of Meadow Well across the North East.


How do you get involved as an artist?

Come along and visit us at Meadow Well Connected on Monday 11th February between 1pm and 3pm. It gives you a chance to meet the team, ask questions and we’re giving some guided tours so you can see what we do.


If you have any questions you would like answering before the 11th please email Gabby