A European survey of 2,000 employees in the UK, France and Germany found the typical staff member spends a total of 187 hours – or the equivalent of 23 days a year in meetings.

So having a board room or meeting room which is not only comfortable for staff, but that also looks good is really important. The board room style also reflects who the company values and their ethos, and is often visited by new customers and suppliers.

How many times have you had a meeting in a room where in the corner there’s cardboard boxes and ‘junk’ which was stored there a few months ago and it’s still not been moved? Or pictures resting against the wall that have remained ‘unhung’ for months?

We here at North East Art Collective have 150 artists in our gallery in Eldon Garden, Newcastle upon Tyne, and aim to be the essence of Art, Culture and Luxury. But unlike most we don’t pick our artists for their names and monetary values, we select them based on their talent. Their standards are high and quality is even higher.

North East Art Collective chose Meadow Well Connected as our charity of the year to support in 2019. As part of our ongoing support we are going to donate 10% of all workplace and boardroom art sales to Meadow Well Connected

The picture above shows art from artist Ivan Lindsay in a meeting room in Newcastle.

Ivan is a self -taught artist who lives and works in Tynemouth, and draws inspiration from the stunning local landscapes & scenery. He began working life as an engineer, however, during this period he spent his spare time indulging his passion for painting. Private commissions began to steadily increase and consequently Ivan established a reputation as a fine artist. As one of the founding artists of Armstrong Bridge Sunday Market his profile grew substantially, after several years and due to increasing demand he made the decision to become a full time artist. For years now Ivan’s work has been sold in Fenwicks, Newcastle, and the Mall Galleries, London. Best known for his outstanding local scenes of the North East, he has recently commenced a series of more abstract works, in keeping with demand for contemporary style


If you would like more information on Meadow Well Connected and why we choose to support them this year why not take a look at their website or contact Vicki Stone Meadow Well Connected, Charity No. 1070839
T. 0191 3410033 M. 07763 672820
www.meadowwellconnected.org.uk The Meadows, Waterville Road, North Shields, NE29 6BA